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pictic-meeting point-café-gallery
(the shareCafé idea)

1 room
7 different business Ideas
of creative people
on 7 days a week
and always the café and gallery

How to do it?
Have a great idea, rent it and go on with it

What should it be?
A small multi-functional centre with all furnishings and fittings required such as coffee machine, computer, kitchen appliance to keep warm small meals etc.
You can realize your business idea within this overall concept together with other creative people.
Rent it at a fixed share by the day (approx. € 15 as things are planned at the moment) once or twice a week at fixed days maybe for a café idea.
The permanent gallery will be organised by Felicitas and Jergan.
We look forward to your business idea!
What is more: there is a roof-garden for sunny summer days.
And all that in the middle of Castletownbere






plan + concept