pictic cafe aims to bridge the virtual internet and place-bound meeting points. How does it work?

The virtual part of it is taken by the pictic cafe in pflog network, the real part by the pictic cafe and meeting points which will come into being at several locations.
Create your own pictic meeting point and put your cafe into a
pictic cafe or develop a new pictic cafe, thus allowing everybody who communicates over the pflog network pictic or over the pictic microblog to meet directly.

Such points either exist already or are being developed like the studio meeting point at Adrigole/ Beara, Reenabulliga, Ireland. Another meetingpoint being planned is the pictic cafe at Glengarriff. Even privately, you may do such a pictic meeting point. You just open your house or flat eg once a month to do it or you might have a regular event like the good things market at Adrigole as a meeting point.
Just get registered as a user at pflog network and subscribe the group
pictic cafe. If you like to set up a real meeting point, post it in the pictic cafe and send an e-mail to Jeroms telling him location, time etc. He will enter it into our Google map and have it publshed. Last but not least, there should be a computer at each pictic meeting point so that visitors get access to pflog network